Evolution of the Project

Development of the Space Allocation Workbook:

  • This was the tool that defined the current school space functions and deficiencies. A new program was generated that included new spaces, and this data was converted into targeted building total square footages.

Alternative Design Studies:

  • There were many alternatives that were studied and eliminated due to excessive building area, poor circulation, poor educational relationships, and high costs due to poor soils and other construction or zoning complexities. The Secondary Schools Facilities Committee was instrumental in defining the educational goals, refinements and selecting the final proposed scheme.

Cost Estimating:

  • Cost estimates were generated for several schemes. The final scheme (G.1) is the most cost effective, and produced the best learning environment for students and faculty. The proposed construction cost has factored current construction cost data from recent projects, as well as projected costs for bidding a school project in 2008.

What process was used to put this plan together? Who had input into the plan?

  • The Board of Education approved the initial study of the secondary school facilities in November 2004.
  • A Committee composed of various stakeholders was developed. The Board of Education charged the Secondary Schools Facilities Committee to assess the current conditions of Mahoney Middle School, Memorial Middle School and South Portland High School. To include the physical plants, capacity needs and education and programming.
  • Architects were interviewed and hired to conduct the study of the secondary school facilities.
  • The SSFC has met twice per month since November 2004 to review the results of the study and began the process of creating plans for the renovation of SPHS and to develop the state funding application for the middle school projects.
  • Three Board of Education workshops along with three City Council workshops have been conducted to keep the Board and Council informed.
  • Harriman Associates, the selected architectural firm, have conducted interviews with 227 people, including City Council members, Board of Education members, SSFC members, SPHS staff, students, parents, and community members to solicit input into the planning process.

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