Secondary Schools Facilities Committee

Work from the fall resulted in a compacted, revised plan for SPHS renovation. A joint workshop of the Board of Education and City Council occurred on Thursday, October 22. A second joint workshop is scheduled for Thursday, January 28, 2010.

At the December 3 rd SSFC meeting, Harriman Architectural Firm provided the SSFC an overview of the Green building system technology that is being considered within the SPHS renovation plan. Also at this meeting was a total review of the project from the time the proposal last went to the voters up to the most recent compacted plan. This very informative meeting was can be viewed on SPCTV-3.

At the December 17 th meeting, Harriman provided the committee with a proposed construction timeline, and a concept design for a renovated South Portland High School. The proposal removed over 29,000 square feet from the previous plan that had been turned down by the voters at the November 2007 referendum. The preliminary cost presented at this meeting is $43,906,940. At the next two meetings of the SSFC, the committee will scrutinize the plan and the scope of the project in an attempt to lower the cost below the $40 million mark. The committee meets again January 7 th and January 14 th prior to a joint meeting of the Board of Education and City Council on January 28, 2010 when the SSFC will provide an update to both city groups. It is at this meeting where the SSFC hopes to gain definitive direction regarding when to put the proposal in front of the voters.

SSFC Update – Fall 2009

Secondary Schools Facilities Committee Works on Updated Charge from the Board of Education

During the fall of 2009, the Secondary Schools Facilities Committee worked on the revised charge from the Board of Education:

1) Develop a revised proposal for a high school renovation / addition plan that costs less, continues to provide for the educational needs of South Portland students of the 21 st Century, and meets the recommendations of the NEASC report;

2) Use collected documents and test results to prepare new construction/renovation applications to the State of Maine Department of Education for both Mahoney and Memorial Middle Schools; and

3) Develop a plan and set of strategies for communicating the work and proposals of the SSFC with the community.

This work began Thursday, September 10 and continued throughout the fa

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