South Portland High School Building Committee

The South Portland High School Building Committee is looking for community members to help with finalizing the design for the addition/renovation of South Portland High School. There will be a number of subcommittees working with the Building Committee to complete the final design specifications for the project. Community members are encouraged to join a subcommittee to share their expertise and provide feedback on the building design. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about building design and play a key role in the creation of an important community building.

Subcommittees will meet approximately every other week for 1.5 hours. No experience is required, only a desire to learn and an interest in creating the best high school possible. Specific components to be addressed by subcommittees include Green/Energy Efficiency Building, Library/Media Center & Technology, Athletics, Interior Finishes, Cafeteria/Kitchen Design and Communications. Residents interested in participating in a subcommittee are encouraged to contact Maria Sorenson of the South Portland School District at (207)871-0555 or SorensMa [at] spsd [dot] org.

Green/Energy Efficiency Subcommittee

The Green Building Subcommittee will work to ensure that the renovated high school incorporates the most recent green and energy efficient systems into the building design. Members of the Green Building Subcommittee will review the many green solutions available for the mechanical and electrical systems and perform a cost/benefit analysis of the operations. The committee will look for opportunities for daylight harvesting and select appropriate artificial light fixtures. Members will investigate solar and wind power, waterless plumbing fixtures, gray water collection systems and recycling possibilities. The subcommittee will also ensure the design meets LEED certification requirements. The subcommittee will work with high school faculty and students to create teaching and education opportunities throughout the design and building process.


Library/Media Center & Technology Subcommittee

The Library/Media and Technology Subcommittee will develop a plan for technology needs within the high school that will provide students with the most up-to-date access to technology and allow for flexibility and change in the future. The subcommittee will review the school department’s existing technology plan and the available technology at the current high school and develop a plan that will advance the use of technology at SPHS. The subcommittee will review technology systems at high performing, recently built schools and develop a room by room schedule for technology systems. The subcommittee will work with the Architect to develop the design and function of the Library/Media Center. The subcommittee will visit and review similar libraries and research design/layouts to create a library that will meet the technology and information needs of students. The subcommittee will seek out educational opportunities to maximize the impact of technology on a student’s academic experience at SPHS.


Athletics Subcommittee

The Athletics Subcommittee will be responsible for finalizing the layout and design of the athletic facilities within the school. The subcommittee will develop a plan for the layout of the locker rooms, storage rooms, coach’s offices and PE classrooms. Other duties include selecting gymnasium equipment, trophy cases, and other amenities. The subcommittee will also consider issues such as security, after-hour use, and access to public restrooms during major events.


Interior Finishes Subcommittee

The Interior Finishes Subcommittee will assist is selecting the interior materials, colors, and layout of the final design. The subcommittee will work closely with the Green/Energy Efficiency Subcommittee to select materials and adhesives that support green building design. The subcommittee will review and tour schools of similar size and work with the Building Committee to develop the character and “theme” for the interior appearance of the school.


Cafeteria/Kitchen Subcommittee

The Cafeteria/Kitchen Subcommittee will work with Food Services, the Architect, and a Kitchen Design Consultant to develop the design and function of the kitchen and cafeteria spaces. The subcommittee will identify opportunities for recycling and other sustainable practices in conjunction with the Green/Energy Efficiency Subcommittee. The subcommittee will visit and review design/layouts to create a cafeteria/kitchen to meet the needs of the school and the community.


Communications Subcommittee

The Communications Subcommittee will provide regular information to the community on the progress, issues, meeting dates, and schedule for the development of the project. The subcommittee will prepare written and graphic materials to communicate the work of the Building Committee and Subcommittees. The subcommittee will also solicit community input about the project.

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